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Improv For Leaders

Improv is the Gym

The Power of Story

The Act of Innovation

Align Your Team

Perform with Presence

Dancing Backwards in Heels

Listening 3.0

Leading with Power

Mastering Negotiation

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Building Cultures of Inclusion

Building a Resilient Workforce

Facilitator Excellence

The Magic of Music

Improv for Leaders

Performing with Flexibility and Creative Courage

We are all improvising all the time. None  of us wakes up to find a script for the day sitting on our bedside table. We must figure out how to respond, connect, make choices as we go along. As  the world moves faster and becomes less predictable, this ability becomes harder, and good improv skills become more important to maximizing your strategic impact.  In this module, you will experience the principles of improv, including:

  • Exercise your awareness so you recognize opportunities to develop your team and your business

  • Celebrate risk-taking to expand your ability to innovate, deal with change, and step into new roles

  • Unleash your creative genius so you can solve problems and design solutions quickly and effectively

  • Build collaborative momentum by supporting and building on others’ ideas

Improv is the Gym

Exercising Your Collaborative Creativity

We are all improvising all the time. None of us wakes up to find a script for the day sitting on our bedside table. We must figure out how to respond, connect, make choices as we go along. As the world moves faster and becomes less predictable, this ability becomes harder, and good improv skills become more important to maximizing your strategic impact. Through improv you can:

  • Exercise your awareness so you recognize opportunities to develop your team and your business

  • Celebrate risk-taking to expand your ability to innovate, deal with change, and step into new roles

  • Unleash your creative genius so you can solve problems and design solutions quickly and effectively

  • Build collaborative momentum by supporting and building on others’ ideas

The Power of Story

Using Story to Influence, Inspire and Deepen Connection

As the most cutting-edge business cultures are recognizing, storytelling skills are not just a “nice-to-have” in today’s world. Rather, this oldest of communication tools taps into the fundamental way our brain makes meaning and helps us understand new concepts, engage deeply, tap into our passion, and connect with others. In this active, practical session, you will not just learn the power of story as a knowledge-sharing, culture-building and problem-solving tool.  You will also practice using storytelling tools and structures to strengthen your own storytelling skills immediately. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn tools for structuring and styling a story

  • Apply the 6 secrets for making stories compelling and memorable

  • Tap your inner storyteller and learn to harvest great stories everywhere

  • Practice creating meaningful stories that link to a business message or object

The Act of Innovation

Exercising and Motivating Creativity

Creativity takes courage. It also takes playfulness. It takes trust. Creative people don’t try to be creative: they are simply curious, and open to moments of inspiration when they hit. They are always willing to try a new way. They are masters of “failing forward,” and able to accept and learn from outcomes, expected and unexpected. Participants not only exercise their own individual creativity and risk-taking, but explore how to support others in doing so. They will think as leaders about:

  • Creating motivating environments

  • The benefits of taking risks

  • Distinguishing creative mistakes and growth from systemic issues and performance gaps

  • Developing a culture of authentic, open communication and support

  • How to create trust and foster courage.

  • Design thinking and process improvement techniques to support the above

Align Your Team

Work Session to Ramp Up, Pivot, or Realign for Results

Savvy leaders recognize that change today is not an event but a constant process. When you assume responsibility for a new team, how do you quickly align the work with the strategy/vision?  How do you pivot at high speed when conditions change? To remain agile, you need a simple, reliable process for taking stock of your team’s current reality and priorities, conveying a new vision or challenge, and realigning the work to get there. In this practical working session you and your team will:

  • Refocus on the customer and the highest leverage drivers of results

  • Re-align work priorities & team goals

  • Simplify and eliminate work based on insight into highest ROI

  • Build shared understanding and team commitment

  • Create the “dashboard” you need to manage execution going forward

*Session involves intact team. Specific content and timeline configured based on pre-conversation with the leader.

Perform with Presence

A Presentation Skills Intensive

Whether you’re an experienced presenter wanting to fine-tune your skills, a beginning presenter with a bad case of nerves, or fall somewhere in between, Presentation Skills Intensive is for you!

Participants will learn and practice skills and tools for delivering polished, compelling presentations,  Through a series of highly-interactive activities and individual coaching, participants will:

  • Plan, develop, and deliver multiple presentations

  • Receive useful peer and facilitator feedback

  • Learn how to assess and engage an audience

  • Develop techniques to align their verbals, vocals and visuals with their message

  • Design presentations through the principles of framing and storytelling

  • Identify “best practice” strategies for using paper and electronic materials to support their message

  • Expand their performance range and strategies in formal and informal communication contexts.

Dancing Backwards in Heels

A Leadership Workshop for Women

Women still  face unique challenges in the workplace. Flexibility, resourcefulness, and resilience are necessary skills to navigate and thrive in the ever changing, yet still differentiated modern workplace. From feeling confident sharing your voice, to taking bigger risks without the fear of failure, to supporting peers and noticing and shifting unconscious biases and cultural dynamics, this leadership program will introduce women to skills and mindsets that will strengthen their power and presence. Participants will learn:

  • To make your partner look good- how women can help other women and create a network of support and mutual empowerment

  • Resilience in the face of Gender Bias- bounce back faster and stronger from setbacks commonly experienced by women in leadership

  • To  expand Performance Choices- explore effective uses of status, power, physicality, and presentation to make your message be heard

  • Celebrate failure- Get comfortable taking bigger risks

Listening 3.0

Working this Super-skill for Increased Sales and Relationship Building

We all know that listening is important for our success as salespeople and leaders, but what does it really mean to listen well? How can we expand our awareness so we listen for nuance and capture not just information but needs, values, emotions? How can we exercise our listening “muscle” so that we notice more, understand more deeply and engage with more curiosity? In this interactive session, we will:

  • Test our listening skills

  • Distinguish "listening as an partner" from "listening as a competitor”

  • Expand our tolerance for silence and exploration

  • Practice multi-dimensional listening

  • Explore listening as a relationship-building and problem-solving tool

Leading with Power

Using Status, Authority and Influence for Good

Have you ever shared a wonderful idea only to have it ignored? Do you ever feel tension in the air and suspect you might be caught in a power struggle? Do  you want to have influence at a higher level? Would you like to be able to shift the group climate to be more collaborative and productive? A conscious awareness of the dynamics of status and power can help you inspire trust, have your ideas heard and taken seriously, minimize unhealthy conflict , and create environments where people feel engaged and respected. In this module, we will:

  • Learn the non-verbal vocabulary of status, authority and power

  • Expand awareness of your habitual status behaviors and where they help and hurt your cause

  • Understand what positive status moves look like

  • Practice applying status fluency to communicate with confidence, and difficult situations

Mastering Negotiation

Create Value, Find Solutions and Get the Deal you Want

Do you want to collaboratively and effectively get what you want from vendors, colleagues, clients and IC’s? Everything you do every day lays the groundwork for sitting down at the table and closing a deal. To meet your objectives and strengthen relationships, you need to master the fundamentals of negotiation including uncovering interests, outlining options, articulating value, defining your position, and advocating with confidence. In this module, we will:

  • Increase your confidence and strategic negotiation thinking

  • Learn strategies and techniques for reaching mutually valuable solutions

  • Strengthen your ability to manage emotions in negotiation

  • Practice negotiating in realistic scenarios

Own Your Brand

Building Credibility by Living Your Values and Keeping Your Word

Leaders who live their values and keep their word develop a personal brand that makes every interaction more effective, whether they are mobilizing teams, “pitching” an idea, or interviewing for a position with greater responsibility. Yet we all have blind spots which can unintentionally undermine our credibility and our brand. How can you clarify your values and take charge of your brand, so others know what you stand for and why they can count on you to deliver? In this module, you will:

  • Understand your current leadership brand

  • Clarify your desired brand and how it builds on your core values and leadership experience

  • Understand where courage and self-awareness are needed to deliver on your brand

  • Practice the art of making clear commitments and managing expectations to build credibility

Growing Performance Through Coaching

Coaching Skills for Managers and Peers

Providing opportunities for individuals to discover and realize their own goals is a powerful gift. This introduction to coaching highlights the critical skills and mindsets needed to support others in identifying their objectives, strengths, and options. This workshop:

  • Highlights what coaching is and distinguishes it from other leadership and management support

  • Builds trust and listening muscles Identifies "powerful questions" for building awareness, expanding options, and achieving goals

  • Introduces a simple framework for guiding coaching conversations

Building Cultures of Inclusion

Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating Across Differences

Put two people in a room together and you will find dozens of differences between them - some immediately obvious, others only evident over time. In today’s business environment, the ability to connect effectively across differences is a foundational competency. And it requires not just cross-cultural or cross-generational knowledge, but also a set of skills and mindsets that allow people to build trust, exercise curiosity, open their minds to other points of view, and show up flexibly and creatively. This program is not a passive one, in which participants simply watch “correct” or “bad” versions of interactions. Rather, the group participates in exercises and scenarios meant to build their own skills and awareness in a wide variety of situations. In this highly-interactive, experiential program, participants will use the principles and techniques of the improvisational performer, as well as more traditional methods to:

  • Learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes

  • Exercise their listening and empathy

  • Expand their range of communication and conflict management skills

  • Deepen their understand of themselves, their assumptions and values.

Building a Resilient Workforce

Manage Stress and Bounce Back with Improv

There is no such thing as stasis in today’s workplace. As soon as one initiative is launched, the next is on the horizon. Landscapes are constantly shifting, colleagues cycle through at increasing rates, and constant innovation is assumed, and it seems that workloads are constantly increasing. How can anyone possibly survive intact?

In this interactive, practical and comforting interactive session you will learn how to build the resilience necessary to help yourselves and others thrive in our fast-paced, volatile, and high-stress environments. Through the lenses of applied improvisation, you will experience the benefits of philosophies and exercises that teach us how to:

  • Expand your personal resilience for your own well-being and those around you

  • Create supportive and motivating environments

  • Accept and build with what exists, rather than fighting or resisting reality

  • Engage optimistically with yourself and others

  • Learn a variety of tools and exercises for use back on the job

Facilitator Excellence

In partnership with Proteus International

Think back to your most impactful facilitator-led experiences. Was the topic brought to life by stories? Were there conversations that revealed something new or spurred you to try something new? That kind of impact isn’t accidental. We take a proven, skill-based approach to increasing your impact with groups. You’ll be better at guiding groups so people really learn, creating more engaged learners, and improving your connection with your audience. Our process offers a supportive “stretch” for anyone, from those leading groups for the first time to very experienced facilitators. We’ve defined what great facilitators do, so you can assess facilitator performance accurately and consistently and benchmark with world-class organizations. Our process supports facilitators at all levels: helping them see themselves clearly, building on their strengths with individualized feedback, and providing supportive coaching to expand their range and increase their impact. Improving a facilitator’s capabilities can lead to improved performance wherever people need to get results together. In this program, in partnership with Proteus International, participants will:

Grow internal faculty

• Prepare a leader to deliver a key presentation

• Improve the outcomes of facilitated meetings

• Build executive presence

• Raise the standards for leader-led experiences

The Magic of Music

Cultivating Collaboration and Connection Through Songwriting

Creativity thrives when team members can make their voices heard and build on each other’s contributions. Actively experience this synergy in this facilitated songwriting workshop, presented in partnership with Songs By You. Participants will be guided in co-creating from scratch the music and lyrics for an original song, even if they have no experience as musicians or songwriters. Participants will:

  • Exercise your collective creativity

  • Strengthen vision and purpose

  • Build esprit de corps

  • Surf the polarity of structure and spontaneity

  • Acquire insights and process to enhance innovation and collaboration holistically