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Networking Skills


Know your objective





Every interaction is a little improvisation scene. Show up knowing what your intention is, and act in alignment with that intention.





Don’t be afraid to initiate – act with intention





o    “I have a gift for you”

o    “I want to meet you; you are awesome”     

o    “I am curious about…”

o    “You delight me…”

o    “We’re in this together; I want to know how you’re doing…”  

Find something of interest:

o    Be curious

o    Everything is an offer   

   Fertilize the common value:

o    Stay curious

o    Listen for value – even if you’re an expert       

o    Seek common goals

   Say “So long”

o    Authenticity – Be honest about ending the conversation

o    Acknowledgment – Express appreciation for your conversational partner

o    Investment – Make the appropriate level of commitment to next steps


Follow Up and Stay In Touch!  

"Your network is only as strong as your ability to keep connections with people, even when they are no longer of use to you."

---Partner, Grant Thornton