for developing others.

Drawing from a variety of our management skills and coaching skills programs, here are thoughts on customized programs to enhance managers’ coaching skills.

The Manager as Coach: Enhancing Sales Skills through Performance Practice, Feedback and Goal-setting.

Few people within an organization have as much opportunity to assess and develop an individual’s professional skills as her manager. But many managers don’t spend time on this kind of development. This course will make the case for managers making coaching a priority and provide the skills and tools that allow managers to effectively embrace this role.

Sample Programs

  • Improv for Trainers: Improv activities have been used in training on topics as varied as product training, new-hire orientations, technical training and diversity workshops.
  • Improv for Coaches: Between knowledge and application lies skill-practice. Improv is a perfect way for coaches and leaders to exercises their communication and creativity “muscles” and strengthen their skills and mindsets.