E-Learning  Overview

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Improv for Business

Think fast! Current research confirms that the characteristics of agile learners dovetail perfectly with the skills of improvisation. In many business interactions your flexibility can make the difference between rousing success and a-less than-stellar experience.
Professional improvisers have developed rules and exercises to respond on the spot while enhancing creativity, interpersonal connection and collaboration. In this highly interactive, practical workshop, you’ll explore the secrets of improvisation... and the many ways that they apply to the world of business.


The Power of Story

Presenters seem to know that it can be helpful to warm up their audience with a good joke. Story, however, is much more than an icebreaker. Story is the way human beings make meaning. Seeing, recognizing, and creating effective story structure can transform a sales relationship. A hands-on practicum for motivated sellers and leaders.

  • Storytelling 101

  • Listen for the story: it’s in there

  • Story structure

  • What’s the story in this moment?

  • Practice, practice, practice!

Presentation and the Art of Sales Communication

Human beings are performers. We make choices – conscious and unconscious - about how to stand, speak, and respond, in virtually every interaction we have. This is most obvious when we are called on to present formally and when we consciously set out to sell something.

As salespeople we are often presenting one-on-one, having to tailor our messages on the fly to specific, diverse customers - a feat that requires high-level, adept presentation skills of the highest order.