Alex Timmis

Alex Timmis, an Improv Program Coordinator at Koppett, formerly worked as a research analyst for Park Strategies, LLC, a leading government relations firm in New York. While working on statewide political campaigns and guiding clients through the rough and tumble of the legislative process in Albany, Alex nurtured his passion for improv, performing with Koppett’s sister company The Mop & Bucket Co., and studying improv locally and at UCB in New York. 

With Koppett, he has worked with clients such as Union College, Havas Health, and Ellis Hospital. In addition to facilitating for Koppett, Alex leads classes, helps design and maintain the new Mopco Improv Theatre’s operations, heads up Mopco’s improvised problem-solving podcast, and co-directs our long-form company, Alf Pacino. (In other words, his experience juggling many balls and dealing with the chaos of government is being put to good use.)