Our Approach


Our Approach

“Teams that accept and build on each other’s ideas are more creative, more collaborative and have less unproductive conflict.”

The world of the theater is a treasure trove of principles and techniques for enhancing communication and creativity. By viewing your interactions through this lens, we can help business professionals by applying these techniques in business contexts.

Koppett & Company helps you:

  • Enhance presentation skills
  • Adapt your communication styles to different situations and individuals
  • Become more comfortable taking risks
  • Create more collaboratively
  • Act more effectively as part of a larger whole
  • Expand your range of performance option
  • Allow yourself to successfully navigate whatever scene you are in

Why Improv? Improvisational actors are a special breed of performer.  We make up scenes, songs, stories and plays on-the-spot, collaboratively, with no script or pre-planning. To succeed at this unusual task, we’ve developed philosophies and techniques that can be applied to any environment where people interact. In life, we improvise all the time.  In our fast moving and unpredictable world, solid improvisational skills are a powerful asset…and a growing necessity.

Storytelling Simply put, story is meaning. It’s through stories that we learn and piece ideas together; through stories, we inspire each other. Incorporating the practice of sharing, crafting and soliciting stories, we allow you to fine-tune your message, increase productivity, reach goals, foster motivation and build the culture you want.

Put this all together, and in a comfortable, dynamic, professional environment, the Koppett & Company team applies years of theater improvisational training to the universal work environment to help business professionals grow.