We all make performance choices, consciously and unconsciously, every day. When improv and story are grounded in an understanding of business goals and psychology, they are profoundly rich tools for enhancing the awareness, range and impact of those choices.


We coach individuals. 

Need to enhance your leadership and speaking presence, strengthen your creativity or grow interpersonal skills? We help you envision success, overcome roadblocks and achieve your goals.


We design and facilitate group learning experiences. 

Our workshops don’t only transfer knowledge, they help people exercise skills and shift their mindsets resulting in lasting behavior change.


We speak to large audiences. 

The challenge of engaging a large diverse group while remaining relevant, excites us. From TED to Funny Bizz, we’ve shared the power of story and improv with a lot of really great folks.


Check out articles and a video gallery of talks, interviews and webinars. They’re a great first step to experiencing what Koppett is all about.


Our experience with Kat Koppett greatly exceeded our expectations. Kat’s team provided deep facilitation skill building using unique and engaging techniques. Our audience was a diverse group ranging from individuals who had never facilitated before to those who are extremely effective facilitators. Each of them walked away with many new skills that they could turn around and apply immediately. I would recommend Kat to any organization looking for an engaging and valuable skill-building experience.

Natalie Wu
USA Leadership Development

Kat has a unique mix of backgrounds that allow her to add value in many different ways. Whether she is running management training, facilitating strategy sessions, or coaching senior executives, her work with us has provided practical solutions, insight, and motivation. She has had a significant impact on our developing culture.

Tobey Fitch 
Head of People


Pick up your own copy of “Training to Imagine,” Kat Koppett’s book which received praise as a solid resource for how to apply improv principles in your workplace and the training activities that go along with them.


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